IntiQuan IQM Tools Repository

Over the last decade, IQM Tools has been developed as a MATLAB toolbox that enables a seamless access to available pharmacometric parameter estimation tools, such as NONMEM and MONOLIX, enabling a straight forward transition from mechanistic systems pharmacology to descriptive pharmacometric models, and efficient support of reproducibility and compliance, including support of automated report generation in the Microsoft Word format (using IQReport).


Download of IQM Tools

By downloading IQM Tools you agree to have understood that the downloaded software comes without any warranty.

You can download the newest version of IQM Tools from here: IQMtools

Installation of IQM Tools

  1. Unpack downloaded file (IQM Tools Suite V(xyz).zip) to the desired location
  2. Start MATLAB (>= R2013b)
  3. Change into the IQM Tools Suite folder
  4. When installing IQM Tools the first time, please read first the IQMlite/installation.txt file and handle as instructed, then read the IQMpro/installation.txt file and handle accordingly
  5. Change into the IQM Tools Suite folder
  6. Execute "installIQMtoolsInitial" the first time you install IQM Tools on a new computer or if you change the MATLAB version. This will not only make the IQM Tools Lite and Pro functions available in your MATLAB session, it will also compile several C-code functions and libraries for your system.
  7. Ready!
The installation of IQM Tools does not save the MATLAB path. This means that every time you start MATLAB you will need to execute the installIQMtools script. This procedure has been chosen on purpose, for compliance and reproducibility reasons. The installIQMtools does the same as the installIQMtoolsInitial script, but does not compile the required libraries. It can be used instead of installIQMtoolsInitial script after this has been run at least once.

Recommended Third Party Packages

  • On WINDOWS 64bit a C-compiler is needed. Please check with your Mathworks support on how to get it installed.
  • MONOLIX and NONMEM. IQM Tools integrates nicely with MONOLIX and NONMEM, which are useful tools for parameter estimation in a nonlinear mixed effect modeling setting. Please install them according to their respective installation instructions and update the path anf program call information in the SETUP_PATHS_TOOLS_IQMPRO.m file in the IQMpro folder.

    Documentation of IQR Tools

    Six tutorials are available with over 500 pages and all used example files, scripts, etc. Download them from below:
    1. General introduction, model definition, simulation, analysis, dosing and experiment descriptions
    2. High performance computing using MEX simulation functions, projects, parameter estimation, model reduction
    3. Interface to NLME tools, running NONMEM and MONOLIX from IQM Tools, VPC, bootstrap, etc.
    4. PopPK and PopPKPD Workflows, General Dataset Specification
    5. Clinical Trial Simulation - Parallel and Adaptive Design
    6. Linking systems pharmacology models to clinical data